The Call To Conscious Evolution Project

November 4, 2017 – January 31, 2018

9pm CENTRAL TIME every night

Dial in: 641-715-0861  

Access Code: 174408#

This 5-minute connection call is designed to connect us energetically with the intent to send pure LOVE energy to each other AND receive it from each other. It is simple, easy and very powerful to work together in this way and you do not even have to leave home!

We will create a physically, emotionally and mentally neutral space highly charged energetically with LOVE ENERGY.  For just five minutes every evening, every 24 hours we will keep the flow of LOVE circulating in, around and through us.

Many thanks to my call ANCHORS who have committed to be on the call one evening a week to ensure that the cycle is not broken.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us but these seven people are our call anchors:

Saturdays, Susie Juravich, Las Vegas, NV

Mondays, Heloise Kendrick, Houston, TX

Tuesdays, Sondra Pulford, Houston, TX

Wednesdays, Peggy Chandler, New York, NY

Thursdays, Ginger McCord, Houston, TX

Fridays, Rasheed Hooda, Citizen of the World (never sure where he is!)

If you join us and would like to share any experiences you have through the project please post them here!

Let’s get a conversation going about THE POWER OF LOVE.

Love and Support always,

Peggy Sue Skipper

Love and Support Always,  Peggy Sue Skipper




The Call To Conscious Evolution Project — 4 Comments

  1. There is an organic unfoldment, void of necessity of pointed involvement, when the frequency of LOVE transmits into my field.

    Simplicity in the act of being the receptor of the lines and currents of energies, the LOVE resonance becomes my indwelling.

    From this seat of receivership, I quietly bask in the full saturation of Self, in this infinite source of LOVE.

    This LOVE beacons me to remember, to enliven, to fully awaken to who I AM.

    I give and receive this LOVE, as I remember the truth of who I AM and who you are.

    We are One, in this infinite stream of LOVE consciousness.

    I AM LOVE.

  2. Peggy Sue, being part of your commitment to LOVE through the daily meditation calls, has inspired my bhavana related to LOVE. Thank you 🙂

    Often, when One is touched by unconditional LOVE, it may initially feel foreign, suspect.

    In the space between what was and what now is, an opening for LOVE is present.

    When this LOVE naturally drops into your heart space, feel it fully.

    Realize this space, this LOVE, is you.


    Remembering the initial cause of such a LOVE is deeply rooted in you.

    Awakening to this LOVE is as simple as fully experiencing your in-breath.

    This LOVE is you.

    We invite you to fully embody this LOVE and in return plant the seeds of unconditional LOVE in this moment Now.

    Connect in with your body, notice your breath, soften your face, breath.

    I AM LOVE.

  3. I AM powerfully impacted by the daily practice of a 5-minute meditation on LOVE.

    I AM very thankful for this work.

    Thank you Peggy Sue!