The Consciously Curious with Peggy Sue Debut Show

The Consciously Curious with Peggy Sue

Tune In Tuesdays beginning July 12, 2016 at 8:00pm CENTRAL.

I am back on the air with a new radio show and would love your feedback about this first show and those that follow.

LISTEN LIVE or on the archives CLICK HERE  (Archives are up about 48 hours after airtime)

The Consciously Curious with Peggy Sue is designed to shake foundations of life as we know it–ConsciouslyCuriousLogo250x250nEWindividually and collectively.  We live in interesting times and the more of us that are seeking new, more peaceful and loving, ways to live on Planet Earth the better off we will all be.

Thus, this debut show intends to set the stage for future shows and includes:

1.  My Conversation with Jesus Story and why it has been the impetus for getting back on the air waves.  

2.  Sneak Peek Previews of upcoming shows.  This process has brought me so much joy because I have realized, again, just how many amazing people I know that are doing incredible work to help make our beautiful planet a more loving, peaceful and wonderful place to be.

3.  My Energetic Perspective of the upcoming US Presidential election.  Whew, this energetic Civil War may exhaust us all.  How can we stay out of the madness?  How do we know how to vote?  Does your vote align with your conscience?

Peggy Sue Skipper

Peggy Sue Skipper


I have always been passionate about creating platforms to get the word out about interesting people doing things in different ways.  Therefore, putting positive things on the air waves to help balance out the negative media we are showered with on an ongoing basis is important.  What we support energetically persists and grows.  Listening to negative media, watching fear based programs, etc means more of the same is produced


The Consciously Curious show is a 16-week run (from July 12, 2016 through the end of October 2016) and if it proves to have “legs” it will continue.  If you enjoy what you hear help me make it successful by spreading the word and making more listeners aware of the show. And your comments and show ideas will help me evolve the show.

Check out the incredible line up of guests and topics

There will be a blog post for each show during the week of airing including a link to the archived show for your later or re-listening pleasure.

Jul 12 – Solo Debut Show

Jul 19 – Richard Unger: Your Life Is In Your Hands! 

Jul 26 – Edy Nathan: Where’s the Psychic in Psychotherapy?

Aug 2 – Dr. Cathy Chapman: The Magic and Miracles of Creating Your Life

Aug 9 – Helen Racz: Channeling For The Greater Good

Aug 16 – Angela Caughlin: The Inner Journal Journey

Aug 23 – Meg Streeter Lauck: Caregiving for Type A’s

Aug 30 – Gwynne Mayer: Building World Brotherhood Through the Astrology of the 2015 Election

Sep 6 – Doyle Ward: Debunking the Hype About Hypnosis

Sep 13 – Linda Starr: The Secrets of Language

Sep 20 – Cindy Wigglesworth: Deep Change

Sep 27 – Peter Woodbury: Why Edgar Cayce Is Relevant Today

Oct 4 – Rita Mills: Navigating The New Book Publishing Arena

Oct 11- Barbara Malone: Fear and Politics






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