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“Straight Talk About Sex” with Edy Nathan

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I am delighted to have Edy Nathan back on the show for this topic because she specializes in this arena–Sex Therapy.  Now, this is an area that bears some attention because we, as humans, are so drawn to TOUCH and be touched.

We are living in a time of great sexual confusion on so many levels and it is high time we look at this aspect of life on Planet Earth from an practical stand point.



Edy Nathan, MA, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience specializing in the integration of psychotherapy and the world of spirituality. She holds a Masters from New York University and Fordham. She has post-graduate training from the Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy, The Gestalt Center and the Jungian Institute.

She is a certified EMDR practitioner, regression therapist and certified Hypnotherapist.

For two seasons, Edy was the psychotherapist on the show, “Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal” on A & E TV. She worked with three amazing psychics, Chip Coffey, Chris Fleming and Kim Russo. Each one of these talented people offer different aspects to the world of spiritualism and psychic ability. You cannot talk about the psychic world without talking about death.

Edy specializes in the area of sex therapy and helps individuals navigate their confusion, guilt and/or trauma around sexual issues.  

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    • Perhaps because the topic of Sex in general is so taboo in many cultures and societies.