Looking for a DIFFERENT, DIRECT and DYNAMIC speaker?

Peggy Sue Skipper uses her experience in corporate speaking and training combined with her radio and TV hosting skills to provide thought-provoking, informative and fun presentations which can be tailored to your audience.

Her most requested topics include:

All Body Healing and Wellness  To heal, or stay in wellness, of the body, mind, emotions, and energetic fields we must be in a process to examine and work on all the bodies at one time.  So, how is this accomplished?  Peggy’s formula for success is in this talk.

Your LIfe Is In Your Hands!   Since 1996 Peggy has helped people understand their unique Life Purpose by decoding their fingerprints.  This scientific art, developed by Richard Unger, is what Peggy calls “a personality profile on steroids”.  In this presentation Peggy shares what Intuitive Hand Analysis is, how it can help individuals find their true purpose and what to do with the information once you get it.  So…Your LIfe Is In Your Hands to discover and then In Your Hands to create!

SpeakingSeatedMay2014Goal Weaving – Change The Fabric Of Your Life   Peggy shares her simple system for setting and, more importantly achieving, goals in life.  “Plan your work and then work your plan” is a full proof way to get what you want and Peggy’s system is simple with some twists that no other systems include!   Getting what you want does not have to be difficult and Goal Weaving will prove it to you.

Living In The Love Bucket  It has been said that attitude is every thing and this presentation explains why.  Based on the theory (and for Peggy the reality) that there are only two “energies” we live in: Love and Fear, this talk shares her insights about how energy works and how you can work the energy in your life.  Fun, motivational and thought-provoking!





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