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Consultations in person, by phone or SKYPE:

FREE 15 Minute Introductory Phone Session (by appointment only)

$90.00 per hour

$60.00 per 1/2 hour


6 Week (weekly one hour session) Energetic Coaching in person, by phone or SKYPE: $650.00

12 Week All Body Transformation Program–The Full Meal Deal! $1,795.00*

This program offers work on all the bodies: physical, mental, emotional and energetic.

For the physical aspects of the program I offer the Unicity 12-Week Transformation Program which includes an additional, 30 minute, weekly coaching session for nutrition and exercise PLUS the amazing food products that are clinically proven to create better health naturally.  I have personally experienced the benefits of this program since 2014 and have found that as I grow stronger physically all of my other “bodies” became stronger as well.

For more information on the Unicity portion of the program visit:

12-Week Unicity Transformation Program

In addition to the comprehensive Unicity program to achieve your top physical condition, the program includes six hours of coaching with Peggy Sue Skipper to address the energetic aspects of your evolution.  When you work on all the bodies simultaneously there is no place to “hide” and true evolution will happen.

*Plus the cost of blood work required by the Unicity program to validate your results

Contact me for more details and/or to find out if this program is right for you.


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